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hydroEye 2.0

Digital Twin for Water & Wastewater Network Management

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An integrated digital solution for smart wastewater / stormwater network management. It combines our AI-powered cloud-based software - "hydroEye AI" -  and long range wireless IoT devices for predictive maintenance of wastewater networks.

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Integrated View Of Sewer Networks

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AI Based Predictions and Insights

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Designed for Ops and Maintenance Teams

Our Impact




including 7 major utilities




including UK, SG, USA, Australia




 / manholes monitored

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for smart water and wastewater



data points

processed successfuly

Our Solutions

hydroEye empowers operations and maintenance teams with real-time 360 degree visibility and behaviour predictions of their water & wastewater networks; to ensure efficiency, sustainability and safety.

Prevent Sewer Overflows (CSO/SSO)

Prevent sewer overflows with real time visibility of water levels and flows across your wastewater network using our cutting edge IoT devices - hydroEye RTU.

hydroEye AI’s algorithms use real-time sensor data, rainfall data and historical information to predict sewer blockages. This helps in targeted and timely cleaning to prevent overflows.

Sewer Blockage Prediction
hydroEye AI for sewer monitoring
hydroEye RTU for sewer monitoring

Prevent Damage to Underground Pipes

Digging on construction sites often leads to damage to underground pipes that can cause significant water resource loss, environmental damage and safety incidents.

We combine high precision GPS technology of hydroEye Track with hydroEye AI’s advanced geospatial capabilities to monitor digging machines in real time and prevent accidental damage to pipes.

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hydroEye AI for geofencing
hydroEye Track for high accuracy GPS

Decentralized  Treatment Plant Monitoring

Decentralized  water & wastewater treatment at the site of supply or demand is a sustainable strategy where collection networks are unavailable.

hydroEye AI provides you with the capability to remotely monitor all of your decentralized plants in order to ensure operational efficiency and predictive maintenance.

Containerized Plant Monitoring
hydroEye Containerized Plant Monitoring
rEye IoT transmitter

Our Products

hydroEye RTU

Rugged, industrial grade, IP68 RTU designed to withstand the harsh environment within sewer manholes while providing you real time sensor data.

  • Long Battery Life + Easy Swap Battery Pack

  • Flexibility to read most Industrial Water Sensors (flow, level, quality, pressure etc)

  • Reliable Low Power Data Transmission via latest Cellular Technology (LTE-M, NB-IoT, LTE Cat1)

hydroEye RTU for sewer monitoring

hydroEye Track

High accuracy GPS tracker used to monitor the geolocation of digging equipment in real time to avoid accidental pipe damage.

  • RTK GPS technology to provide sub-meter accuracy

  • Rugged design for outdoor use

  • Wireless Charging and external power options

hydroEye Track for high accuracy GPS

hydroEye AI 

IoT & AI powered cloud-based platform for integrated water and wastewater network management.

  • Scalable, Secure and Reliable

  • User friendly & intuitive web, mobile and API interface

  • Real time alerts via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Push notifications

hydroEye AI for sewer monitoring
hydroEye AI software
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